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Project Purpose

Phase 1:

The initial goal of Phase 1 will be to consolidate WiscWeb, provided by DoIT, and the WordPress Consortium, provided by a group of campus departments, including CALS, Engineering and Education. Prior to consolidation, this project team will determine a service environment (tiers of service) that can accommodate the  WordPress instances that exist across campus and diminish the need for technologists to “go their own way”. The project team will engage campus partners for insight to best serve all of campus.

Phase 1 will build the necessary governance, infrastructure and process to begin to serve the broader campus after the consolidation of WiscWeb and the WordPress Consortium.

Key items of consideration:

  • Environment capable of handling WiscWeb and WordPress Consortium customers
  • Uninterrupted, successful migration of all customers to environment
  • Technological efficiency for future growth

This phase will begin to build the necessary structure to move toward the recommendations purposed by the CMS Assessment Group:

  • There will be a governance structure in place to support the web activity
  • There will be a WordPress-based secure web hosting platform

Project Goals

  1. Offer a campus-wide CMS Hosting Service that is cost effective, scalable, and collaborative
  2. Use a common centralized infrastructure to provide colleges, units, and departments the autonomy to make specialized changes
  3. Lower the campus risk for a CMS Hosting platform
  4. Proper Governance for the Overall Service